One Game A Month

Welcome to my redesigned blog! I’ve decided to re-purpose this site to promote my work while completing the One Game A Month challenge. Old posts are no longer available, as they were already outdated and pointless now.

What is One Game A Month? It is a challenge to build and publish a new, complete, fun game EVERY month in 2013! It forces you to focus yourself, work within your means, avoid feature bloat, and FINISH projects. I’m accepting the challenge in order to build a portfolio and hone my design and programming skills at the same time.

I will be building mobile games using Flash, AS3, and Adobe AIR, which means I’ll be publishing them for the web, iOS, Android, and potentially even BlackBerry 10. I’ll keep this site updated with information about the completed games, but I’ll also be blogging about the projects and the entire experience, so stay tuned!

For more information about One Game A Month, check out the site


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